Sweat lodge: the ceremonial sauna

The Sweat Lodge Ritual is one of the oldest shamanic rituals of healing and purification in the world, with such ancient roots as sitting in a circle. It is an earthly and magical ritual that symbolizes new births, helps to feel our earthly journey here and now, and at the same time to leave, let die to what no longer serves us. It purifies and transforms and opens to what is new in every aspect of our lives.
The Sweat Lodge Ritual is a beautiful celebration of life on Earth, during which we connect with the womb of Mother Earth and also with the spirit of Father Sun, we meet with all the spirits of the Universe, with our ancestors, and above all with what is the essence of us.
This means that taking ourselves and our body to the Sweat Lodge, we also take away all the memory of who we are and what made us exist in this body on Earth. We go back to the beginning of our existence with respect. We bow down with respect and the alchemic process of transformation let the old die and the new be born.
During the Sweat Lodge, also called the “ceremonial sauna”, our body sweats intensely, but this process, not, only cleanses our body of toxins, but also our mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions that do not support us, and our spirit, so that we one can be reborn with lightness.

The course of the ritual

The atmosphere and the course of the ritual are very different. Sitting in a circle on the bare ground, feeling the warmth flowing from the hot stones inside the hut, where aromatic herbs are burned, sometimes we remain silent and drift into dreams or we speak, sing, invoke, share our prayers – it all depends on how we feel when we connect with each other in a circle.

It is worth knowing that the whole ritual is not only the entrance to the Sweat Lodge and the process itself, but all that is expected “before”, when building the Sweat Lodge together, and “after” when we share our experiences, integrating them before returning to everyday life – it is time to meet with ourselves, with nature and with other people.

What can you expect from participating in the Sweat Lodge ceremony?

To everyone, the participation in the Sweat Lodge Ceremony may prove to be something completely different, and everyone will get their experience out of it. Perhaps you will remember how wonderful it is to just be in nature, relax and energize yourself? Perhaps you will feel an invisible connection and support that you have not felt for a long time? Maybe you will face your fear? Perhaps you will feel all the life burden taken away from you? Perhaps, it will be an extremely demanding process for your body, or on the contrary, it will hug you in the most pleasant way possible? Perhaps, you will experience visions that will be the answer to what is happening in your life? Perhaps, you will find that nothing worked.
Every experience will bring change to your world. Know that often in the matter, it is the most for the Spirit, and for some, the energy changes on a very subtle level, without fireworks, so it is only the outside world that reflects the changes that have taken place in us.
In the past, people used the Sweat Lodge before hunting, gathering, important holidays and celebrations. It was also a place where healing processes of the body, mind, spirit and emotions could take place. Today, these ceremonies are used to purify, transform, and heal the body, relationships, and many other areas of life, and to help prepare for important decisions, public appearances, and spiritual development.

A traditional druidic ritual of healing and purification: The Sweat Lodge is run in our center by Druid Mardhuin Amohi Raphael Bastan, who is one of the last Celtic priests in Europe to have received teachings and knowledge from a family tradition that has been uninterrupted for several thousand years.