Discover the Power of the Shamans of the Andes

One magical place: Tribu Nydek the Centre for the Development of Awareness
Two unique retreats: 20 – 23 July and 25 – 28 July 2019
Three different ceremonies: San Pedro, Golden Peyote, Temazcal
Millions of opportunities: a depth of experience and awareness that goes beyond your wildest expectations

San Pedro medicine is medicine for our times. This is a time when it is important to open our hearts and calm our minds for better understanding of all the changes that all humanity is going through. San Pedro connects us in a very subtle way with our purest essence, where self – love for ourselves and everything that surrounds us manifests itself, allowing us to unite everyone and everything, breaking down the barriers of separation.

For Inca shamans, the Huachuma cactus was the main plant – the teacher. It had the same status as Ayahuasca in Peru. It was used as a sacred ritual plant, but also as a medicine plant. This has not changed to this day. By taking this bitter medicine according to shamanic beliefs, one can reach heaven without leaving the earth.

Due to San Pedro’s activity, the human being becomes more sensitive, the senses become more acute to what directly surrounds us, and the ability to understand many things is acquired when the mind is ready. Movement, daylight and places of power have a healing effect on the body which has a chance for faster recovery.

Unlike the Ayahuasca liana, which corresponds to female energy, San Pedro represents the masculine aspect of energy. This spirit helps us to be deeply connected to the energy of our heart and to find ourselves entirely. Therefore, our self – healing forces are activated through a deep understanding of ourselves. We often conclude that we do not have to experience what is not good for us, including diseases, difficulties, drama.

The San Pedro ceremony takes place in the open air, in beautiful natural surroundings. Its permanent elements are prayers to four elements and four directions, as well as songs for each participant. The style of the San Pedro ceremony is based on traditional Andean understanding of the world and space and on indigenous Andean knowledge.
The cactus Golden Peyote has its homeland in the catchment area of the Rio Grande River and the central highlands of northern Mexico between the eastern Sierra Madre and western Sierra Madre Mountains. It is consumed in a ritual context by Huiczoli, Tarahumara, Kora, Meskalero, Kiowa and Comanche Indians.

The Indians attributed healing power to it because it was a mediator between the human world and the divine world. Thanks to the peyote visions, contact with the supernatural world was made possible, from where, as the Indians believed, illness comes to man. With the help of mediators, the shamans turned to the gods for help in its treatment. The peyote enabled contact between the healer and the patient on a very subtle level, so strong that it became possible to diagnose the disease and then overcome it. The Indians say: “Turn to peyote. God knows more than any man”.

In addition, Peyote is also considered a powerful magical tool, used primarily to protect against the misfortunes and bad will of other people. It also helps to reach deep contact with each other and the source of who we really are. It answers many questions about our lives, the world and the cosmos.
The Golden Peyote ceremony takes place at night by the fire that supports the work with this plant. It is accompanied by singing and trance sounds of shamanic drums.
Temazcal, or the ritual of the Sweat Lodge, is one of the oldest shamanic rituals of healing and purification in the world, having such ancient roots as sitting in a circle. It is an earthly and magical ritual that symbolizes new births, helps to feel our earthly journey here and now, and at the same time to leave, let die to what no longer serves us, purify and transform and open to what is new in every aspect of our lives.

The Sweat Lodge Ritual is a beautiful celebration of life on Earth, during which we connect with the womb of Mother Earth and with the spirit of Father Sun, we meet with all the spirits of the Universe, with our ancestors, and above all with the essence within. We take ourselves and our body to the hut, but we also take away all memory of who we are and what made us exist in this body on Earth. We go back to the beginning of our existence with respect, bow down with respect and in the alchemic process of transformation we let the old die and the new be born.

During the Sweat Lodge, also called the “ceremonial sauna”, our body sweats intensely, but this process, not only cleanses our body of toxins, but also our mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions that do not support us, and our spirit, so that we can be reborn again with lightness

During your stay you are guaranteed:

  • You will gain a lot of insights, information, tips and perhaps even very specific answers concerning your future life,
  • You will delve into yourself, get to know your mind, your body, your existence,
  • You will stop for a while,
  • You will cleanse your body and mind,
  • You will touch your true nature and perhaps you will meet the Absolute, the Higher Self, God,
  • You will have peace, tranquillity and respite,
  • You will return changed, renewed, with fresh energy and a willingness to live, and above all, with a different view of reality.

Marcela: Facilitator and guide

Marcela Pantigozo Loaiza, daughter of Pachamama and Tayta Inti.

Official tourist guide, specializing in Andean vision of the world and mystical and spiritual tourism. She holds a diploma in Gestalt psychology, which completes her comprehensive knowledge and activities. Currently, she offers services as a Spiritual Consultant. She conducts a dialogue that allows a person in need to get clarity about their essence and problems. She encourages finding own resources for conflict resolution, one’s own strength, power and responsibility, keeping a holistic approach in mind at all times.

Marcel’s exact activities include conducting indigenous Andean ceremonies, reading from coca leaves, creating a shamanic drum, shamanic journeys with a drum, ceremonies with sacred power plants, cleaning the energy field, prayer and support circles, full moon ceremonies, meditative walks in the mountains and indigenous power places. Marcela also runs sweat shelters and organizes spiritual and mystical expeditions with her long – time partner David, an indigenous Quechua Indian.

David: The Guardian and The Guide

David Hedy Aedo Baca, Chakaruna, indigenous Quechua Indian

David combines the Andean traditions and the wisdom of Amazon tribes and the Western world. In Peru, he received the title of the official tourist guide, specializing in Andean vision of the world and mystical and spiritual tourism.

He conducts ceremonies with power plants, including San Pedro, Rapé, Sananga, plant saunas with aromatic and medicine plants, indigenous Andean ceremonies, full moon ceremonies, purifying the energy field, and accompanies his partner, Spiritual Marcel Consultant, on meditative walks in the mountains and power places of the Andes. David is also a Fire Keeper at Temazcal, a traditional Indian Sweat Lodge.

Preparation for participation in the retreat


7 days before ceremony:

  • Give up meat, fish and other seafood, dairy products, coffee, refined sugar and hot spices,
  • Do not eat citrus fruits such as lemon, grapefruit, orange, mandarin, pineapple, kiwi, maracuya,
  • Do not take any chemical medication,
  • Avoid smoking,
  • Do not drink alcohol,
  • Do not use any drugs or neuroleptics, necessarily stop using any psychoactive substances,
  • Be sexually restrained.
If you are taking psychotropic drugs, drugs, large amounts of alcohol or other stimulants, the Kambo ritual is obligatory.

In addition, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, people with serious mental illness, and people with heart or liver problems should not take part in the retreat.

Practical information

Organizer: Tribu Nydek
Length of stay: 4 days
Due dates: 20 – 23 July, price 3 800 PLN or 25 – 28 July, price 4 800 PLN*
Price: 1 800 PLN advance payment, guarantees a retreat place, all payable by 15 July
Number of people: max. 12 persons

*the retreat taking place between 25 and 28 July 2019 is enriched with additional rituals, ceremonies and treatments and the possibility of individual work with specialists and facilitators, helping to integrate experiences at the level of body and consciousness, who have been successfully conducting their therapeutic practice for many years.

During your stay you are guaranteed:

  • Accommodation,
  • Natural, vegetarian or vegan food, full board,
  • Crystal clear mountain water, or alkaline living redox water to drink,
  • Daytime ceremony in nature with San Pedro,
  • Night ceremony by the fire with Golden Peyote,
  • Temazcal ritual, the traditional Indian sauna,
  • Care of experienced leaders and facilitators during the entire retreat,
  • Full body relaxation massage,
  • Purifying and supporting new energy treatments,
  • Daily meditation classes,
  • A lot of beautiful, healing music, played live and played from recordings,
  • The possibility of communing with mountain nature without the presence of random people.

Framework plan of stay

Due date: 20 – 23 July 2019

Saturday: Arrival of participants from 4:00 p.m., rest, dinner at 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: Day ceremony in nature with San Pedro, dinner, joint music-making.
Monday: Breakfast, sharing (we share experiences), rest, massages, treatments to support preparation for the ceremony, meditation, night ceremony by the fire with Golden Peyote.
Tuesday: Temazcal ritual, dinner, sharing (we share experiences), closing of the retreat.

Due date: July 25 – 28 July 2019

Thursday: Arrival of participants from 16:00, rest, dinner at 20:00.
Friday: Daytime ceremony in nature with San Pedro, dinner, joint music –making.
Saturday: Breakfast, sharing (we share experiences), rest, Sang consecration, massages, treatments to support preparation for the ceremony, individual consultations, facilitation, meditation, night ceremony by the fire with Golden Peyote.
Sunday: Temazcal ritual, dinner, sharing (we share experiences), ending the retreat.

During both retreats, Celina Statkiewicz, a finalist of Hell’s Kitchen, who runs a culinary panel on TVP2, will take care of the senses, taste buds and culinary experiences of the participants. She says that cooking that it is her greatest passion and that dishes prepared with love not only taste great but also have a wonderful influence on our mood and health.
During both retreats, Celina Statkiewicz, a finalist of Hell’s Kitchen, who runs a culinary panel on TVP2, will take care of the senses, taste buds and culinary experiences of the participants. She says that cooking that it is her greatest passion and that dishes prepared with love not only taste great but also have a wonderful influence on our mood and health.

The magic of the place

Our center is in the Czech town called Nydek, located about 20 km from Cieszyn and about 5 km from the Vistula River, in the mountains of Silesian Beskids. The yellow house on the slope is immersed in a small valley, among old beech and spruce, untouched by man, forests and humming mountain streams. It is a unique space, which we create together with love and awareness. The centre is a perfect place to work, rest and calm down. We offer space for Ayahuasca and iboga ceremonies for several years now. The ceremonies organized by us take place in a cozy room with a fireplace, away from the noise and hustle and bustle of civilization. Our guests are provided with full board and beds with fragrant fresh linen. Bedrooms and bathroom with shower are located on the first floor, while the ground floor is occupied by a kitchen with dining room, bathroom with bathtub and ceremonial room. All meals in Nydek are vegetarian or vegan, prepared from natural products and adapted to the diet that supports the work with power plants.

What to take with you to the retreat?

  • Bright, loose and comfortable clothes for the ceremony,
  • Pyjamas,
  • A warm sweater or two,
  • Warm jacket or coat (preferably waterproof, in case of rain),
  • Solid, comfortable boots for small hikes,
  • Toilet utensils: toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, soap, towel, possibly delicate essential oil,
  • Slippers,
  • Ear plugs if you are sensitive to sounds.

Please do not take:

  • High heels; strong perfume, cologne


During your stay at Tribu Nydek it is possible to undergo Kambo cleansing.

The Kambo is mandatory if you are taking psychotropic drugs, drugs, large amounts of alcohol or other stimulants.
Kambo cleansing costs PLN 250.

The cost does not change regardless of the number of dots.

Kambo (also known as Sapo) is a natural vaccine, used for thousands of years by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon, to increase the potential of the immune system and to sharpen the senses in hunting. With more than 200 peptides, Kambo is one of the strongest natural anti – inflammatory antibiotics in the world, fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi, as well as analgesics.

For more information, please visit our website at
Filling out the health form:
Then, after confirming the participation in the retreat, send us the bank transfer confirmation, which guarantees the place on the retreat.

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