Nydek: It all starts here...

The Tribu Nydek is a place where you can experience a deep connection with yourself and your inner truth, with forest animals and mountain nature. Accompanied by other people who want to reach the source of their power, discover the truth of who they really are and become aware of the fact that the Universe supports us at every step we make. One learns that external factors have no longer power over one’s life.

Our yellow house on the slope is immersed in a small valley, among old beech and spruce, untouched by man, forests and rustling mountain streams in the mountains of the Silesian Beskids on the Czech side of the border, at an altitude of 410 m. above sea level. It is a unique space that we all create.

Thanks to the openness to many, not only shamanic, tools for the development of awareness, including working with power plants, Cambodian rituals, Druidian sweat lodge, daily meditations, individual sessions and energy treatments, working with mind and body, massages, authentic movement, kriya yoga practice and music and aromatherapy we can heal in a holistic way. We can heal everything that requires healing and leave everything that no longer serves us, to create our life with increasing lightness, joy and awareness.
Tribu Nydek was founded a few years ago to connect people who care about health, nurture well-being and want to expand consciousness.
We want to show that when one begins to think independently, then becomes more aware of one’s Existence and of the task that must be performed on Earth. Life is based on one’s own experience and not on the beliefs and desires of others. By experiencing life directly, one acquires knowledge that broadens consciousness. One does not move through the usual ruts of thinking, which most people follow. It helps to understand the Universe, the energy structure of man and all world mechanisms to which we are subjected to. Then one begins to create one’s life in harmony with oneself and in connection with the Source.