KAMBO: Natural Vaccine

Kambo Therapy uses venom, secretion, of the Amazon giant frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor), which is obtained in a natural, humane way for amphibians living in the wild in the jungle.

Kambo (also known as Sapo) is a natural vaccine, used for thousands of years by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon, to increase the potential of the immune system and to sharpen the senses in hunting. With more than 200 peptides, Kambo is one of the strongest natural anti – inflammatory antibiotics in the world, fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi, as well as analgesics.
Apart from its undeniable cleansing and strengthening properties, including the improvement of liver, gall bladder, kidneys, intestines and stomach, the Amazon tribes believe that Kambo removes panema, i.e. bad fate, which causes failure in life.

The course of the ceremony

The first stage is to prepare the skin for the application of the substance by doing a few tiny burns with a glowing stick, which feels like a gentle pinch. Afterwards, the skin is painlessly removed in these places and poured with water to apply medicine to the small, formed dots. Within a few seconds after application, the feeling of accelerated pulse, nausea and sometimes dizziness appears. There is an immediate defensive reaction of the body, which forces the entire immune system to throw all poisons out of the body through diarrhoea, sweat and vomiting.

During the first sessions, there is usually very rich vomiting in dark brown, dark green or black colours with a very unpleasant smell, which indicates the level of toxicity of the patient. Special attention is drawn to the fact that Kambo therapy is applied after drinking two litres of water, preceded by a hunger strike, which excludes the presence of food remains in the digestive tract, so it is difficult not to ask ourselves what we vomit with and why, during the first sessions, the density, abundance and smell of vomit are so intense?

Although this procedure is not a pleasure, it lasts only 15 – 20 minutes, after that time all symptoms disappear completely. Sometimes, after the treatment, slight swelling of the mouth, nose, eyes and fingers may occur, which does not last longer than a few hours.

It is best to undergo three applications spread over 28 days (moon cycle), because then the immune system achieves the best results. If the interval is longer, the next dose of Kambo will have to do all the work again.

What are the advantages of Kambo therapy?

Thanks to Kambo therapy, we can awaken the body to its full natural potential. People who regularly receive Kambo do not get sick and have a lot of energy. Kambo prevents the occurrence of ailments caused by viruses and, in most cases, cancer, creates an environment that prevents their development.
Short – term effects, which may last for several days or weeks, and for some people, cyclic Kambo treatments, lasting for many months, include:
  • Greater attention,
  • Good mood,
  • Increased resistance to fatigue, hunger and thirst,
  • Improving memory and learning ability,
  • Clarity of thinking,
  • A feeling of lightness,
  • More energy every day,
  • Strengthening the immune system,
  • Elimination of chronic fatigue,
  • Sleep control,
  • Better contact with nature,
  • General health improvement.

Moreover, numerous studies have shown that Kambo can support the healing process of the following diseases: Lyme borreliosis, diabetes, hepatitis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson, AIDS, cancer, skin diseases, digestive and gastric problems, eating disorders, migraines, depression, addictions, allergies.

How to prepare?

One week before Kambo intake you should give up alcohol and/or other stimulants, including white sugar, sweets, carbonated drinks, spices and salt. Additionally, 2 days before the ceremony, a light diet based on vegetables, fruit and groats are recommended. It is important to hydrate your body by drinking a lot of water.

On the day of the Kambo intake you should be fasting, we also recommend that you eat your last meal in the evening at 6:00 p.m.

Where can I experience Kambo therapy?

You can experience Kambo therapy during a power plant retreat in our center in the Czech Republic – it is a perfect complement and, above all, a preparation for a meeting with medicine.

It is also possible to arrange an individual ceremony in Krakow or Warsaw.
However, before you make an appointment, please visit our website www.kambopoland.pl and sign up using the form.