Amazon Vine of the Soul

Ayahuasca is like a holy book, which is more than just ink – stained paper. Immersing in its pure experience allows you to gain access to knowledge, wisdom, consciousness that escapes limited senses and the conceptualized mind.
This sacred, traditional medicine is a powerful tool and a teacher who, endowed with proper respect and trust, will open the door to your subconscious mind and connecting with nature.
Ayahuasca is not only a psychoactive brew, affecting the body in a certain way, neither is entertainment, nor escape from life, but it can guide you to a completely different view of reality and, above all, of yourself.

Ayahuasca is studied and used by generations of shamans, healers, mystics and spiritual seekers, as well as scientists, psychologists and therapists for whom it is a valuable tool, allowing for introspection, insight, healing and purification, a tool to deepen one’s spiritual practice, meditation and self –knowledge.

How was it created? Where did it come from?? Why is it given to us for? Scientists and plant enthusiasts have been trying to answer these and other questions for years. Native Indians believe that it was sent to them from Heaven and is the link between the Lower and Higher Worlds. When someone asks the shaman what ayahuasca is, the only answer is to give him a cup with a dark burgundy liquid, because this question cannot be answered, one can only experience it.

The experience of this power plant is each time different and very individual for each person. It is certainly beyond words, delightful, but it can also frighten, take you deep into yourself, and most importantly, it brings us many answers, opens to the incoming consciousness and encourages you to ask new questions, broaden your perspective and search for other possibilities.

Ayahuasca from a biochemical point of view

Ayahuasca is also called soul vine or medicine and has been known in many cultures for thousands of years. There is no single, solid composition, and its use and activity can be described at many levels, because in addition to cleansing the body at a physical level, it allows you to enter a deep state of self – discovery during a healing ceremony. In the South American tradition, Shipibo is a mixture of two plants:

Ayahuasca – Banisteriopsis caapi – vine containing MAO inhibitor

Chacruna – Psychotria viridis – containing DMT, a natural compound found in the human body.

The MAO inhibitor allows non – metabolized DMT to enter the body, opening the mind to a deep spiritual experience of understanding the true nature of the Universe and our role in it. These experiences improve the quality of life and are often described as one’s rebirth or awakening from sleep.
The conscious work with this mysterious plant begins with the harvesting of the ingredients, from which the healing brew is then prepared and continues both during the preparation of the brew, the ceremony and afterwards. Everything counts in this process: the quality and proportions of the collected ingredients, the age of the harvested plant (vines and leaves), the length of cooking and stirring the brew, whoever prepares it (intention, experience, attention, the atmosphere, “speaking and singing to it”), the way of filtering, storing, transferring and then serving the brew is also of great importance. The conscious and comprehensive approach provides appropriate protection and guidance of the leader, affecting the quality of the experience of all participants.

The ceremony:

Traditionally, ceremonies are held at night. After the ritual fumigation, the participants sit in a circle and then, after the opening of the ceremony by the leader, drink the brew. The leaders communicate with Ayahuasca by means of the Icaro songs, which protect and heal all participants. The process takes place in the twilight, everyone experiences it individually and does not interact with others. The trainers maintain the space and have several tools at their disposal to ensure the proper course of the process. After the ceremony, the participants can talk to each other and share their experiences.

The ceremonies are conducted in accordance with the teachings of the Shipibo tribes, but this does not mean that they look the same as in the Amazon jungle. The ceremonies in the jungle are conducted by Curanderos, nature’s physicians who, thanks to their long – standing diets with power plants and rituals, get to know the world of plants and their ancestors thoroughly. They are a channel connecting two worlds and with the help of appropriate tools and Icaro songs protect, heal and allow insights into the subconscious of their ‘patients’.

Ceremonies conducted by us are based on the foundation of the Shipibo teachings whilst assimilating the teachings and wisdom of other cultures. In addition to the traditional songs, tools and symbols known from Peru, participants can encounter Eastern mantras, various instruments, sacred symbols, minerals and many other objects representing the path of development. Our Maestro supports this approach, understanding that there is no single right path, but a whole spectrum of healing possibilities. Ceremonies are held for two days in a row. This allows us to better understand and close the processes that began on the first day during the second ceremony. We provide our guests with healthy meals and space to relax and contemplate throughout their stay.

The process

After drinking medicine, a process called Mareado begins. Ayahuasca opens the connection with another dimension of feeling. By opening the door of perception, we find ourselves in a state of complete connection with nature. In this state, you get extraordinary visions, return to important moments of life, connect with other beings, and experience yourself. This is an area where, after breaking the veil of illusion, we return to the source and can develop, experience deep purification, get rid of what is unnecessary by crying, laughing, yawning, vomiting and a whole range of experiences. The very next day you can feel the lightness and freedom from abandoned burdens, although this is only the beginning of the process, because after returning home nothing will be the same as before.

Many roads to one mountain

We do not represent any closed doctrine. Everyone follows an individual path and has the right to healing, self – improvement and truth. Regardless of the chosen path: science, nature, meditation, religion, art, shamanism, we can return to our natural state and feel harmony in every aspect of life. This is our goal at ceremonies where each participant can find his or her own way without fear of evaluation.

For whom?

Ayahuasca is an extraordinary medicine that serves to heal body and soul. Everyone should be able to choose freely, meet individually and draw their own conclusions, because only then will they be able to answer the question of what Ayahuasca is. The ceremony is for you if: you feel that you need help, support, tranquillity and/or direction, you heard about the plant a long time ago and you feel that you are ready, ready for insights, learning and self – discovery, you are aware that this journey can change your life, you want to cleanse your body and mind, you seek for answers and believe that you can get them here.

Benefits from participating in the ceremony:

  • You will delve into yourself, get to know your mind, your body, your existence,
  • You will stop for a while,
  • You will cleanse your body and mind,
  • You will touch your true nature and perhaps you will meet the Absolute, the Higher Self, God,
  • You will find peace, tranquillity and relaxation,
  • You will return changed, renewed, with fresh energy and a willingness to live, and above all, with a different view of reality.

How to prepare?

Preparation is very important, because it is up to you how the ceremony will proceed. By taking care of body and mind, we show respect for medicine and ourselves. Already a week before the ceremony you must give up: meat, dairy products, sugar, alcohol, coffee, medicines (when signing up for the ceremony, be sure to give the names of the medicines you take), processed food.

It is also worth to resign from sexual contacts (our precious energy will then be in the body and will not be dispersed). Before the ceremony it is enough to eat healthy, plain and light food. We do not suggest fasting or extreme restrictions. Each of us knows what healthy eating is. During those few days before the ceremony, it is worth to switch to vegetables and fruits, sleep, drink a lot of water and eat small meals. Remember that body and mind are best rested in contact with nature, during meditation and walks.

Where, when and at what price?

Ayahuasca ceremonies take place in the Czech Republic, just beyond the Polish – Czech border, in a town called Nydek. You can see the current schedule of retreats in this year 2019 in the AGENDA tab.
More information about the price, participation and preparation for the ceremony will be provided in an e – mail contact.