I work with Iboga, Ayahuasca and Kambo.

My vocation to plants has been with me since 2013 and I am constantly expanding my knowledge in the field of medical plants. I learn from them directly when I am in contact with them, I also use the valuable advice of my teachers, and my teacher who guides me into their world is Maestro Don Enrique from the Shipibo tribe in Peru. By his side, I have completed a diet with the Noya Rao tree, which, according to the Shipibo tradition is the most conscious plant, and its roots and leaves illuminate at night, and with Bobinsana, known as the “plant teacher”. In Iquitos, I took protective plant baths and a series of initiation ceremonies with Ayahuasca, observing and learning from Maestro. Then I received an invitation to co – heal from the Kambo Spirit, and the secrets of administering this medicine were given to me by Maestro Jacek Opalski. A few months later, I learned a different way of guiding and holding space at the ceremonies with Diego Palma: along with musicians from all over the world at the Full Moon ceremony in Sacred Valley, where I learned about the healing power of sounds.

Following the path of consciousness development, I went to Africa to meet Ibogaine. I received the initiation to administer it in November 2018 at the Iboga ceremony. My meditation practice is Vipassana (I completed a course in Goenka tradition in a center in Israel, and a year later, another course in Suan Mokkh tradition at Koh Samui in Thailand).

My other teachers are Antoni Przechrzta (spiritual healing), Igor Ledochowski (hypnosis) and Sri Mooji, who gave me the opportunity to experience the truth at the 10 – day Silent Satsang in Portugal.

I work systematically on my mind’s attention through the practice of not only Vipassana but also Kriya Yoga. I treat shamanism as a powerful tool for transformation, at the same time maintaining the awareness of the connection with the Absolute and keeping the intention, which in my opinion is a priority in working with plants: “I choose Love and Light and everything that Love and Light serve”.
Combining consciousness with shamanism gives the best results, because they are attributed to the Absolute and not to the person who administers Medicine, because ultimately only God (or pure consciousness) has the power to heal.



She integrates, protects, helps to draw on experience in life and helps to catch synchronicity.

Agata, a dentist and Buddhist who spent 18 years of her life in Nepalese monastery, co – founding the Benchen Free Clinic, a clinic at the Tibetan Benchen monastery in Kathmandu.

She has always been interested in natural therapies related to prevention, improvement and maintenance of health, family relations and communication, as well as healing through consciousness.

On her way to finding herself, she visited many teachers in Poland, Europe, India, Nepal and South America, which resulted in her own work program and in which her individual therapies are based on.

Some of these methods are: Polarity, Craniosacral Therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, kinesiology, working with trauma and body information, system settings, or working with levels of consciousness according to David R. Hawkins.

More about Agata: https://youtu.be/o3BvxIvQ8Iw



He comes from Canada and supports the ceremonies in Nydek with healing music and invaluable presence.

His adventure with plants began in 2011 when his deep personal desire for healing and change led him into the Amazon jungle. Since then, he has continued to work with medicine. After two years and many sessions with Ayahuasca, he moved to the Holy Valley of Peru, where he worked as a volunteer and space holder* at the Sananda Natural Medicine Centre.

During the ceremony, he accompanied, supported, supported and played healing music alongside Diego Palma.
His roots and basic understanding of Ayahuasca come from the tradition of the Shipibo tribe, where he had the opportunity to go through a diet of power plants, including a very special Noya Rao tree, called the Flying Tree of Light.

He was a guitarist for most of his life, but since he got to know medicine, he has focused on playing music to heal others and help them go through transformation. His goal is to help and serve others as best as he can and convey the wisdom that he has received from medicine.
*“Space holder” is a person who has unlimited patience, calmness and understanding during the ceremony.


Our brother Nick released his debut album Halfway to the Beginning.
We congratulate him and wish him great success! The album is kept in the medicine tones, i.e. healing notes and warm sounds, but there will be a few refreshing rock rhythms and elements of country music as well. You will also find a soothing mantra accompanied by Eastern instruments, and all this is seasoned with beautiful words of hope, wisdom and trust that fill the soul.
What does he himself say about the album?
These songs are for remembering our inherent goodness. They are about the cycles of our lives and make a humble suggestion that everything is going to be okay - and that it already is. They have an intention to make you feel better and have a hope that if you need it – you may find a note that inspires you to worry less and to love more. And I do this because I too – could use the reminder.

You can buy the album online here: https://nicklewismusic.bandcamp.com/releases


Tibetologist by education, musician, traveler and researcher of mysterious things with passion.

Having met with Buddhism in his youth, since the early 90’s he has consistently followed this path but remains open to all inspirations and methods that could be helpful in connection with his own basic goodness and openness of a loving heart. His first experience with medicine led him to re – evaluate his life and develop greater trust in himself and in the world. Consequently, he decided to end his professional career, leave the comfort zone and look his fears straight into the eyes and embark on a journey (both internal and external) that continues to this day. The power of wishes expressed earlier meant that Jan can now stay in India, where he receives Dharma teachings and studies the Tibetan language.

However, he remains in contact with the Nydek and helps in conducting ceremonies. He teaches the basics of meditation and calming the mind and guides the participants with the healing sounds of hang drum. Jan is also a Kambo practitioner.

In the past Jan worked as a presenter and producer in TVP 1, TVP 2, TVN, Mtv, 4FunTv, run programs in Polish Radio Bis, and lent his voice to films, television programs and commercials.

More about Jan: https://youtu.be/Sh7KOvgbKSY