Tribu Nydek is a haven where you can meet your true nature, delve into yourself and discover your depth in the intimate circle with no random people.


Experience with us holistic retreats and modern knowledge intertwined with the wisdom and tradition of the indigenous tribes of South America and Africa.


Here is what the participants say about meetings with power plants:

  • Łukasz
    Thank you that I could experience a meeting with the Holy Healer together with you all. Two weeks have passed since the Ceremony, and I still feel the healing power of the Medicine every day. It is difficult to convey this experience with words. I touched my biggest trauma, suffering. However, it happend for me to experience relief, care, and heal my deepest wounds, dissolve them in an unconditional love. Now I know: I love myself. I choose love and light. Thank you! Thank you for doing it from the heart, for leading to the light, for your wonderful music, all the holy songs flowing straight from the Source, for your care and suport, for a safe, homely atmosphere, for delicious food, for a swing and beautiful nature around!
  • Zosia
    It was beautiful! Thank you from the depths of my heart for the amazing journey.
  • Luiza
    Beloved, everything was wonderful. Now, a few days after leaving, I'm still full of love, gratitude and I have a smile on my face. I cultivate and care about the state I am in because it is now my greatest treasure. You helped me find a way that, although I could see it before, was completely shaded. I was blind, now I was born again. I see, I feel, I know. It’s wonderful!

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